Vaughn Upper Permit Lot – No Parking Allowed

Upper & Lower Vaughn Permit Lot News
As of November 1, 2021, the Upper Portion Of Vaughn Permit Lot has been closed to all permit holders and Daily Parkers.  As of November 1, 2022 the Lower Portion Of Vaughn Permit Lot is open to Daily Parkers using the ParkMobile App with Zone 4801.  The Parking Authority will resume selling Vaughn Permits to residents of West Windsor Township.  These permits will be for the lower section of the Vaughn Permit Lot. The upper portion of the Vaughn Permit Lot has been contracted by a private party for the foreseeable future.   For those that do not have a parking permit, additional daily parking is available in parking lots off Wallace Road and Station Drive.  Please see our map for daily parking lots at: