Permit Info

Permit Parking

In order to meet competing demands, our lots are allocated between “permit” and “daily” parking and subject to availability on a first-come basis to those abiding by all applicable policies, rules, regulations and procedures.

Virtual parking permits are valid for the three month period specified for each particular lot. Permit holders are not assigned individual parking spaces. But are assured the availability of a space within the designated permit parking area.

About Our Lots

Owned by WWPA and treated as one lot, these connected lots are accessible directly from either Alexander Road or Vaughn Drive.  Parking in these lots is currently shared but not divided between permit parking and daily parking.  Only residents of West Windsor Township may make application to the Vaughn lot. Permits are available within 1 month of application at $150 per quarter for Township residents.

Owned by WWPA, this lot is reserved exclusively for permit holders, who must be West Windsor Township residents or business owners. Any Wallace permit holder who gives up Township residency will be offered a replacement permit for the Alexander permit lot.  Permits are $150 per quarter, but subject to a wait list of at least 8 years. There is a very limited amount of Daily Parking Available, Daily parking rates are $7 per day Friday – Monday and $10 per day Tuesday – Thursday.

Owned by NJ TRANSIT and treated as one lot, these lots are shared with daily parking.   Daily parkers in this lot must pre-pay in the kiosks or use the ParkMobile App with zone 4899.  If a permit is needed, please make an application on our website:  Permits are available within 1 to 4 weeks of application.  The quarterly fee is $294.

Important Information

Correct License Plate Numbers

License Plate Recognition (“LPR”) scanners are used to identify vehicles parked without proper authorization or payment.  The LPR scanners do not leave room for error. Accordingly, permit parkers – whether assigned a “virtual” permit or a physical hang tag – must take responsibility for ensuring that the license plate numbers associated with their respective accounts are accurate, current and visible to the parking enforcement vehicle cameras.

Loaner/Renter Vehicles

Prior to parking the loaner/rental please either send an email to or call the office to register this vehicle on your account – 609-799-3130.  If it is before or after hours, please leave a detailed message giving your name, permit #, make of vehicle, plate # and the length of time you will be using the loaner/rental vehicle.

Permit Holders

Mark Your Calendars To Avoid Missing A Payment!

A permit holder’s failure to ensure receipt by the Authority of a permit payment by the due date will result in a late fee. Except for accounts paid in advance, following are the annual schedules of payments. A reminder email will be sent to ALL permit holders approximately 15 days prior to the due date including those who have already paid for their permit. If in question as to whether you have paid your permit fee, please log into your parking account and View Your Permit. It will show the expiration date. This indicates the paid through date.

Qtr Period Amount Due
1 Jan-Mar $294 Dec 1st
2 Apr-June $294 Mar 1st
3 July-Sept $294 June 1st
4 Oct-Dec $294 Sept 1st

Qtr Period Amount Due
1 Jan-Mar $150 Dec 1st
2 Apr-June $150 Mar 1st
3 July-Sept $150 June 1st
4 Oct-Dec $150 Sept 1st

Qtr Period Amount Due
1 Jan-Mar $294 Dec 1st
2 Apr-June $294 Mar 1st
3 July-Sept $294 June 1st
4 Oct-Dec $294 Sept 1st

Please Note

If paying by check, please make your check payable to West Windsor Parking Authority and either: deposit it in the drop-box inside the train station building, or; mail it to WWPA at P.O. Box 58, Princeton Junction, NJ 08550.  Please include your  virtual permit # on your check to receive proper credit.  For those using personal on line banking, please ensure your bank mails the check at least 10 days in advance of the due date.

  1. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to pay on-line within their account or forward full and timely payment for the coming quarter to the Authority no later than the 15th of the month prior to the new quarter.  If the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday, please ensure payment is processed on your account or received in the office prior to the 15th. 

  2. “Virtual” permits for the Wallace, Alexander, and Vaughn permit lots are updated upon receipt of payment, which can be confirmed by visiting your account on-line. 

  3. The Authority will accept payment in advance to ensure uninterrupted permit parking privileges; however, payments can be accepted in full quarterly increments only; partial payments cannot be accepted. 

  4. Late payments received after the 15th of the month ending the current quarter shall result in the following penalties:
    First Offense:  A late fee of $50 shall be required to maintain permit parking privileges. The new permit may not be issued until the late fee is received by the Authority.

    Subsequent Offense: A late fee of $100 shall be required to maintain permit parking privileges.  A “Subsequent Offense” is defined as any event of late payment occurring within three (3) years of a previous event of late payment.
    You are fully responsible for any tickets or fines received during the period your account is delinquent. 

  5. Administrative fees associated with permits include $75 for a waitlist application ($10 fee plus $65 deposit)

Northeast Corridor Cost Comparison
StationDaily RateQuarterly Permit Rate
Princeton Junction$7$294
New Brunswick$20$540

Rules & Regulations

Governing Permit Use

  1. Only one registered vehicle per permit account shall be parked at any given time.

  2. Parking permit accounts are valid for a three month calendar period and renewed accordingly.

  3. Motor vehicles must park between lines in designated parking stalls only. For vehicles not bearing front plates, be certain not to pull through a row when parking; plates must face the drive aisle adjacent to the parking space.

  4. Permit holders must maintain their plates and replace plates that are bent, scratched or otherwise no longer “reflective”.

  5. Keep your plates unobstructed by trailer hitches, EZ Pass holders, affiliation symbols and decorations.

  6. Permit holders wishing to list a new vehicle for permit use must provide the Authority a photocopy of the registration for the vehicle, confirming that it is registered to the permit holder or to a spouse and/or dependent children living in the same household.

  7. A virtual parking permit is valid only in the lot for which it is specifically designated. (Either the Wallace Road lot, Vaughn Drive lot or the Alexander Road lot.)

  8. Virtual parking permits are valid only for vehicles properly registered with the Authority.

  9. Permit holders must update their account any changes of address, vehicle registration, and license plate number to avoid incurring violations and jeopardizing permit parking privileges, and shall cooperate with the Authority in keeping records up to date.

  10. Leased or company vehicles may be registered only if supporting documentation is presented to the Authority verifying that the vehicle is specifically assigned for the permit holder’s use.

  11. Permit holders may park borrowed or rental vehicles for a maximum of two (2) weeks provided that the temporary vehicle is registered with the Authority in advance.

  12. In the event of an emergency situation in which advance registration is not possible, the use of an emergency vehicle shall be allowed. However, it is the permit holder’s responsibility to register the emergency vehicle with the Authority no later than 9:00 AM on the day of use.

  13. Permit account holders may park motorcycles. A copy of the motorcycle registration must be scanned into your account before using the motorcycle.

  14. The Applicant in whose name a permit is issued shall be fully responsible for all violations incurred in conjunction with any improper use of the permit.

  15. Permit holders must respect the rights of other permit holders, obey all posted signs and traffic laws while in the parking lots, violations of which may result in permit suspension and/or permit forfeiture depending on the gravity of the violation.

Our Policies

Refund Policy

WWPA will issue refunds of permit parking fees upon the following conditions:

Refunds of permit fees will be issued within 30 days following WWPA’s receipt of the registered permit holder’s written request, ensuring WWPA’s receipt of a refund request is the permit holder’s responsibility.

Refunds will be made only in full month increments. For example, if a refund is requested midway through a paid quarter, only the remaining full month’s fee will be refunded, if the request is received before the 10th of the month, that full month will be refunded.

In the case of a withdrawal from the parking permit waitlist, the application fee paid at the time of registration on the list will be refunded less the non-refundable administrative fee set forth by the policy in existence at the time of registration.

Refunds will be made by WWPA check payable to the registered permit holder or, in the case of a waitlist withdrawal, the person named on the waitlist. Refunds will not be made to credit or debit card accounts or third parties.

Suspension Policy

As a matter of policy, the Authority will grant customer-initiated requests for suspension of permit parking privileges (and associated payments) for any given permit holder:


  • only when such a request is received in writing by the Authority prior to the date on which payment is due for the applicable quarter;

  • only once in any given 24 month period; and

  • only in a full quarterly increment (according to the applicable permit schedule)

The established schedule of late fees will apply to customers failing to make timely payment of the applicable permit fee for the quarter immediately following the quarter for which a suspension has been granted.  Customers failing to make timely payment of such fees will be considered as having abandoned their permit parking privilege; in such event, the customer must reapply and will be wait-listed (if applicable) for permit parking privileges.