Frequently Asked Questions

Questions regarding Parking Summons issued in the Princeton Junction Train Station parking lots can be addressed by emailing: parkingticket@westwindsorpa.com.  Add the ticket number to include the prefix PO# as the subject line. The Officer who wrote the Summons will respond as soon as possible.

If you parking account was closed due to non-payment/renewal, you must pay the late fee and all quarters missed to reactivate the permit.  If your parking account was closed for 2 or more years, you need to re-apply.

There is a waiting list for all lots at this time. The approximate wait time for Wallace Road lot is 10

There is a waiting list for all lots at this time. The approximate wait time for Wallace Road lot is 2 years, Alexander Road lot 1 month, and Vaughn Drive lot within 1 month. The Wallace Road and Vaughn Drive lot Permits are available to residents of West Windsor Township only.

To request an application, click on Apply Now under the Permit tab on the drop down menu above.

Go on-line to your own account to find your place on the wait list

Yes, there is a drop box located inside the train station.  Payments are collected daily.

Patrons who have purchased a new vehicle must register the Temporary Registration/Plate # with the West Windsor Parking Authority prior to parking the vehicle by emailing to the address below the temporary plate #, type of vehicle, and your permit #. Once you receive your permanent registration and insurance ID, please go to Manage Your Account on the Parking Authority website and add your new vehicle.  Or you can scan the documents and email them to info@westwindsorpa.com or fax them to 609-799-3634.

Handicap parking is available in both daily lots. There is also handicap parking in the permit lots but this is for our handicapped permit holders only.

A permit must be accepted within the quarter it is being offered. If a customer denies the invitation and comes back at a later date there will be a $50 penalty imposed per each quarter missed since the time of the offer.

64 Princeton Hightstown Rd, Suite 24
Princeton Junction, NJ 08550
609.799.3130 (Office)
609.799.3634 (Fax)
info@westwindsorpa.com (Email)

Online Credit Card Transaction Fees

The decision was made in November of 2016 to add a transaction fee to offset the rising credit card fee costs that have quadrupled in the last two years. The transaction went live on all online transactions as of January 1, 2017

We cannot waive the fee as it would not be fair to our other customers. You can still pay with cash or check mailed to our office or placed in the drop box.

The software does not permit us to charge less than the full amount due on one payment method.  You may want to contact the withholding company that you use to see if they can either reimburse you for the payment this month or have a check cut to us for the monthly payment before the 15th.  You will also want to change your withholding going forward to accommodate the transaction fee.

Unfortunately, we cannot waive this fee. Proper and sufficient notice of the upcoming fee was provided and we cannot excuse any late fees due to this.

Daily Parking Questions

For inquiries related to daily parking, including availability, payment methods,
and the possibility of parking for multiple days, please visit our Daily Parking page.