Permit Information


Please note that the approximate waitlist times to obtain a permit are as follows:

  • Vaughn Drive Lot (West Windsor Resident Lot) – approximately 2 - 4 weeks
  • Alexander Lot (All Commuters) – approximately 4 years
  • Wallace Lot (West Windsor Resident Lot) – approximately 9 years

1. To apply for a parking permit, you must submit the interactive application on this site or download and print the application form from this site and return it to the West Windsor Parking Authority by mail at P.O. Box 58 Princeton Junction NJ 08550, by phone (609) 799-3130 or by email:

2. The application fee includes a  non-refundable administrative fee leaving a balance applied towards the applicant’s first quarterly fee or refunded upon request by the applicant to be removed from the Wait List.  

3. Properly completed applications are processed in the order received, and applicants are placed on a numbered wait list. When a permit becomes available, it is offered to the next eligible applicant on the wait list.

4. It is the obligation of the applicant to log on to their account and make any changes of name, address, e-mail and/or telephone number to ensure timely notification of permit eligibility.

5. The Authority encourages all applicants to go on-line periodically to determine their status on the wait list.

6. Full payment must be received by the Authority within two weeks of notification, or the Authority will assume that the permit is no longer desired and offer it to the next eligible applicant. (Applicants failing to respond to this notification who wish to obtain a parking permit in the future must reapply and will be placed at the bottom of the wait list.)

7. Accompanying full and timely payment, the applicant must provide to the Authority photocopies of all registrations for all vehicles registered for use. Only vehicles registered to the permit holder or to a spouse and/or dependent children living in the same household will be honored for permit use.

8. Upon receipt of timely payment, the Authority will forward the parking permit by mail to the permit holder's address.


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Rules & Regulations for Permit Use

1. Parking permits shall be used only by the original applicant and shall not be loaned to, transferred to, used by or sent in care of another individual.

2. Parking Permit Hang Tags must be displayed on the rear view mirror at all times.

3. Parking permits are valid only for the three month calendar period specified on the permit.

4. Motor vehicles must park between lines in designated parking stalls only. For vehicles not bearing front plates, be certain not to pull through a row when parking; plates must face the drive aisle adjacent to the parking space.

5. Permit holders must maintain their plates and replace plates that are bent, scratched or otherwise no longer "reflective".

6. Keep your plates unobstructed by trailer hitches, EZ Pass holders, affiliation symbols and decorations.

7. Permit holders wishing to list a new vehicle for permit use should go to the Parking Authority website and click on Manage Your Account and add the new vehicle.  Or you can scan a copy of the documents and email them to or fax them to 609-799-3634.

8. A parking permit is valid only in the lot for which it is specifically designated.

9. Parking permits are valid only for vehicles properly registered with the Authority.

10. Permit holders must enter their account on-line to make any changes of address, vehicle registration, and license plate number immediately to avoid incurring violations and jeopardizing permit parking privileges, and shall cooperate with the Authority in keeping records up-to-date.

11. Leased or company vehicles may be registered only if supporting documentation is presented to the Authority verifying that the vehicle is specifically assigned for the permit holder's use.

12. Permit holders may use parking permits in borrowed or rental vehicles for a maximum of two (2) weeks, provided that the temporary vehicle is registered with the Authority in advance. The parking permit must be displayed at all times in the temporary vehicle. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to register the vehicle no later than 9 AM on the days of use in person or by phone.

13. In the event of an emergency situation in which advance registration is not possible, the use of an emergency vehicle shall be allowed. However, it is the permit holder's responsibility to register the emergency vehicle with the Authority no later than 9:00 AM on the day of use in person or by phone.

14. Lost parking permits must be reported to the Authority immediately. Replacement permits will be issued by the Authority at a cost of $30.

15. Stolen parking permits must be reported to the police department responsible for the municipality in which the theft occurs. Replacement permits will be issued by the Authority free of charge upon receipt of a copy of the Police Report.

16. Parking permits cannot be used for oversized vehicles extending beyond the designated parking stall into traffic lanes.

17. Parking lots are patrolled on weekends. Failing to buy a token or display a valid permit may result in a parking ticket.

18. The Applicant in whose name a permit is issued shall be fully responsible for all violations incurred in conjunction with any improper use of the permit.

19. A customer with a parking permit can register a motorcycle by providing a copy of the motorcycle registration to the Parking Authority. The motorcycle can then be parked in the permit designated lot; however, the permit must not be displayed.   


Permit Use Infractions

1. Vehicles using parking facilities operated by the West Windsor Parking Authority are subject to all applicable state and local ordinances, specifically including West Windsor Township Ordinance, Chapter VIII, Section 8-1.

2. Permits used in vehicles not properly registered with the Authority shall be subject to permanent confiscation.

3. Any vehicle illegally parked will be ticketed and/or towed at owner’s expense to Al's Sunoco service station located on Princeton-Hightstown Rd. To contact them, call 609-799-2252.